Dog Behavior Consulting
in The Greater Sacramento Area

Animal Control Assistance in Sacramento, California.

Accidents happen!

And when they do, most people don’t know how to navigate through the system with Animal Control. As your advocate, we can help you move smoothly through this process and provide you with all potential options for your case.

If you have an aggressive canine that has been involved in a dog-bite incident, it is important to consult with our experts who will advocate for you with Animal Control. They will be able to provide guidance on how to properly care for and contain your dog, as well as any legal requirements or regulations that need to be followed. 

Depending on the situation, Animal Control may require you to register your dog as a dangerous or vicious animal and may impose certain restrictions or requirements on you as the owner. It is important to take these regulations seriously. We can help!

Situations that may qualify your dog to be deemed dangerous or vicious can include:

  • Injury of another animal
  • Death of another animal
  • Bite/harm to a human

Consult for Due Process

$ 250
  • During this appointment, our specialists will obtain any information pertaining to your case number. This appointment will take an hour and may also require further follow up from the client if any information is missing. Please bring copies of everything you have pertaining to your case.

Due process assistance

$ 150-500
  • This will be back-end support from our specialists to assist you through the process and communications with animal control and any other agencies that may be involved. We will provide you with tools to help you personally navigate through your situation.

Due process advocate

$ 650-1200
  • Our specialist will be an advocate throughout your entire case process. This may include investigations, communications, and being present for your hearing (should you need one).

Consult for dog assessment

$ 350
  • Trainer will assess your dog and go over any mandates should there be any. This first session will be 2 hours long. You have an option of assessing the dog pre or post hearing. If we assess your dog before the hearing, it is very possible that we will be called in and questioned by animal control during your hearing. There will be an additional fee for time if the trainer should be called in as your expert witness.


$ 3250
  • Should your dog be deemed dangerous or vicious, this may be followed with mandated training sessions to address the challenges you have with your dog. We will communicate with Animal Control during this process. This includes client acceptance, areas of opportunities, our training plan, and verification when completed with details of our executed plan.