What We Do

All Stage Canine Development, Inc. is a dog training company which has developed multiple programs to help clients with their pet. We have Group and Private Lessons, as well as Behavioral Modification classes tailored to the needs of you and your canine companion. In addition, we have Puppy Classes for new dogs, from beginning to advanced lessons for more experienced dogs.

All ASCD’s programs are based on positive animal reinforcement.  Like people, each dog learns differently.  Our programs are designed using multiple training methods, even in a group setting.

During client intake, we spend time with you and your dog to determine your individual needs and how the two of you learn best.  This individual analysis allows us to meet your specific needs so you and your dog are able to get the most out of what we offer!


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Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues are the number one reason a dog is surrendered and at times euthanized. Sadly, the majority of these tragic endings can be resolved with individualized training. In addition, ASCD works with many other issues such as digging, barking, separation anxiety, fear, aggression, and many more.

Therapy Dogs and Medical Service Dogs

ASCD also trains and assists in the certification of Therapy Dogs and many Medical Service Dogs. Our philosophy at All Stage Canine Development is simple and positive. Even though Therapy and Medical Service Dogs are very different, they are both life-changing for you and your dog. Positive reinforcement is necessary for all dog training, but it is especially important when training these types of dogs.