Diabetic Alert Service Dog


Diabetic Alert Certification

Must be completed by both the dog and the client and prior completion of all the steps of a service dog training program before scent training can even begin. Blood sugar levels in a diabetic spike and drop into dangerous levels that can be life-threatening. In each of these situations, the body has a specific smell that a dog can sense. Through scent training and specific chain training, we can set a scent “safety window.” We will teach the dog to alert outside of that safe zone. 

The scent training is done with your specific scent samples. All Stage Canine Development will provide you with a kit and will educate on how to collect and use samples. Once we have your set window of highs and lows, we will begin our training for your desired alerts paired with the targeted numbers through samples.

The actual scent training doesn’t take long because the dogs have a quick memory of scents. The alert training, however, can take months when you add in cues or behaviors to be linked to those scents.