Cat Grooming
in The Greater Sacramento Area

Full-Service Grooming, Nail Trimming and Spa Treatments for Your Cat

Professional Sacramento Cat Groomers

Our Cat Grooming Professionals offer full-service grooming, nail trimming, and spa treatment. Our Cat Groomers use quality natural and wholesome products to ensure your cat looks and feels amazing.

All Stage Canine Development is your one-stop full-service cat grooming salon. Rest assured that your cat will be cared for by our compassionate and friendly staff. Our cat groomers are trained to groom all types of cats. Bathing and grooming are essential for the health and happiness of your pet.

Each cat is treated, bathed, and groomed with no crate time. This results in a better experience for your pet.

Sacramento's Premier Cat Grooming Services

One Price for All Your Grooming Needs in Sacramento

Cat Grooming Care

Always remember that regular body handling will make cat grooming sessions easier.

Cat Bathing

At least once every two months

Brush Cat's teeth

At least twice a week

Trim Cat's Nails

Every two to three weeks

Brush My Cat

Depends on your cat's coat - daily to weekly

Clean Cat's Ears

Cleaning provided as needed.