Therapy Dog Training
in The Greater Sacramento Area

We can train and test for multiple therapy dogs such as hospital,
memory care, kids/schools, and more.

Therapy Dog Training in Sacramento

This is a detailed and multistep catered program that will prepare the client and the dog for the desired therapy work chosen. 

The training will take place in and out of the client’s home and will consist of work in advance obedience as well as public access and social behavior. A detailed temperament test is completed to first determine if you and your dog make a good fit for the program. Should our Sacramento dog trainers at All Stage Canine Development feel there could be a safety concern, we will not move forward with the training. 

Once the program is completed, additional testing may be mandated by the company or organization you wish to do therapy work with. All Stage Canine Development will also prepare you for this if needed.


The obedience training is part of the therapy dog program and will be advanced with both the dog and client. Verbal and hand commands/cues will be mandated as therapy dogs are in many different situations.

Public Access

Public access as a therapy dog can mean different things based on the area of “specialty” chosen such as children vs adults, or libraries vs hospitals. In each situation, there must be work on how your dog behaves in public to ensure your safety as well as everyone else around you.

Social Behavior

Social behavior as a therapy dog is much more complicated than you would think. The public, however unintentional, are very rude creatures to a dog. We greet them quickly, pet them rough, and sometimes accidentally step on their tail or drop things on them.