Snake Avoidance Dog Training
in the Greater Sacramento Area


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Snake Avoidance Clinic April 7, 2024

Snake Avoidance Clinic

Between the grassy areas, lakes, rivers, and mountains, there are many places where your dog can come into contact with a rattlesnake, especially in the greater Sacramento area! Even if you get your dog vaccinated, it only buys you time in the event it gets bitten! We want to help train your dog in rattlesnake aversion.

All Stage Canine Development has paired with Snakeout for a clinic that will be offered many times in the next year. The treatment of both the dogs, and the snakes are very important!

The rattlesnakes used for training are live, well cared for, and humanely muzzled during the training process with the dogs. This allows the dog to learn how to affiliate themselves with the sight, smell, and sound of snakes.

The tools used for the training can vary from using sound, vibration, or a low level-stimulation. Each situation is different and tailored specifically to your dog and its needs.


Perfect timing is important to ensure your dog has the correct reaction with the rattlesnake, creating a proper avoidance response.
ASCD recommends this clinic be repeated 2-3 times (no more than once a year) as a refresher course for your dog.