Service Dog Training

Service Dog Training Program

All Stage Canine Development provides a multi level and intense service dog training program. Service dogs are challenged every day and put in stressful situations to help serve us and often times our lives.  Our high expectations from our service dog will mandate an intense amount of training and multiple levels testing/certificates throughout the program.

Temperament is crucial in a service dog. Only about 20% of dogs contain the desired temperament needed for service work. A detailed temperament evaluation will be performed by healing Paws and must prove the dog fit for your needed service before moving forward

Based on the needs of the disability, All Stage Canine Development will develop a detailed program to assist your specific needs. Each disability is different which can result in different program time frames.

Class Basics


Once the right temperament has been determined, an advanced obedience training and desensitizing program is developed and implemented with you and your future service dog. The obedience training for this program will be in depth and intense for both your dog and you. Verbal and hand commands/cues will be mandated and used as service dogs are consistently in very different and sometimes very extreme situations. The training prepares the dog and the client for real life situations. An obedience test and certification will be mandated in order to move forward in the program.

Public Access

No matter which service your dog will be performing, public access training is a must. Many training sessions will be scheduled to prepare for the public work as a service dog. Safety is our first goal for you, your dog, and the public. A detailed public access test and certification must be complete in order to move forward with the service dog program.

Social Behavior

Social behavior from a service dog is much different than a therapy dog. A service dog cannot solicit attention from others as they have a job and handler to focus on. It is crucial that the dogs focus does not get pulled from their handler as it could prove to be a safety hazard. Despite vests, harnesses, or patches asking the public not to pet the dog, many often do not read or ask before greeting your dog.

Due to this unfortunate fact, a service dog must complete the same social behavior and desensitizing training as a therapy dog. A service dog can never show fear or aggression towards people or situations. Once the temperament, obedience, public access, and social behaviors are set, actual service training can be started.


All Stage Canine Development will not perform training without the presence of the handler. The training program isn’t just for your dog, it is to teach you how to be the handler which can prove to be just as challenging as the training for your service dog. This program requires hard work and dedication from you as the handler in training in order for it to be successful. All Stage Canine Development will be available consistently by phone in between lessons to address any questions.

All Stage Canine Development will also not push a dog through the program if there are any potential safety concerns, even if they may have the behaviors needed for the service work. Each step and certification in the program does not guarantee your dog will finish the program. If there are safety issues, All Stage Canine Development will discontinue moving forward with the training.

Please don’t wait ask your questions or voice your concerns as they arise during the training. Sometimes waiting even a week can prolong your training program months.

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