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Welcome to your first step to world-class canine training services for your dog in Sacramento

Hello, first we would like to thank you for visiting our site and for considering our team to be a part of your dog’s success story. Here you will find information about our pre-training vaccine requirement as well as our no-show policy. 

To get started with us, please click the ‘Begin Here’ button to fill out our questionnaire. This will help us determine how our program is going to be a good fit for you and your canine friend. Once completed, your training journey can begin!

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Release of Liability

Please also print and sign a copy of the Release of Liability form.

All Stage Canine Development is providing a service to help teach the client to work with their dog on different levels with both behavior and obedience. There is no promise or guarantee of the stability of a dog’s temperament or physical status as there are many variables that could affect any dog’s physical or mental status.
Client understands a dog is an animal who contains free will. There is never any guarantee that the dog will perform its tasks 100% of the requested time.

Vaccines are a Must!

Vaccine Release & Protocol

Taking any pet into public places results in exposure of many unwanted illnesses. Though vaccinating your dog does not completely protect them from all illnesses, we feel it is important to prevent as much exposure as possible.
Required Vaccinations:

• Bordetella
• Rabies
• Influenza

Give Notice Please!

No Show/ Rescheduling Policy

Failure to appear for your appointment or canceling your appointment inside a 24-hour window will result in a $35 charge. This charge covers a minimum hourly trainer payment for appointments even if the client does not show.