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Our dog trainers have developed multiple canine training programs to help clients in a variety of scenarios. Group classes, private lessons, and behavioral modification training are all available to help you build a positive foundation for you and your dog.

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Each of our clients have different goals which has helped us develop each of our programs. Both dogs and people learn differently which is why our programs are developed using multiple training methods allowing us to reach any client who reaches out to us.


During client intake, we spend time with you and your dog to determine your individual needs and how the two of you learn best. This individual analysis allows us to meet your specific needs so you and your dog are able to get the most out of what we offer!

Dog Training for Every Level

We offer multiple styles of dog training methods as well as effective positive reinforcement techniques for all desired levels of dog training in Sacramento. We teach you how to understand your dog’s behavior, and communicate with them effectively to make your relationship more positive and enjoyable.

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Training dogs at ASCD will promote trust, obedience, and friendship between the owner and his dog.
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