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Meet Spaghetti "Ghetti"

Available now for placement

We have a new service dog in training who is ready for placement. Spaghetti, affectionately known as “Ghetti” is ready to meet you!

If you’d like to meet Ghetti, please contact us for more information.

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A service dog can provide invaluable assistance to individuals with disabilities, enhancing their daily life through physical and emotional support, as well as fostering a greater sense of independence and well-being. The decision to get a service dog should be based on individual needs and lifestyle, considering the profound positive impact they can have.

Private Group Dog Training Classes Sacramento, CA
Private Group Dog Training Classes Sacramento, CA

Statement from the Trainer

One of the questions I have received when developing a service dog to be placed is “how can you give your dog away?”

For me, I consider all the hours of training Runner in intentional behaviors; or the all the time that I spent managing his ways of interacting with the environment, people, and animals; the need to purchase several iphone charger cords, cleaning his crate multiple times because he felt the need to water it. It has been a lot of work to develop him as a helper, and one with complex behaviors. As the Sacramento dog trainer, I experienced seeing all the progress that Runner made when being set up with consistency and direction to becoming an assistant to any person lucky to have him. So, when answering this question, I avoid the truth that came with his development, and say “He’ll be helping one in need, so I don’t get too saddened by his leaving.” Realistically, as a service dog trainer, I am happy to develop another dog to assist a person in need; the purpose of my skill is to continue to develop as many dogs that assist, comfort, and show responsiveness with their people, not just one.

Runner is Ready for Placement

If you would like more information please contact us or call us at 916-838-3838