Puppy Training Class
in The Greater Sacramento Area


We now have puppy prek which is pups 4 months and under and is a 3 week class.

Puppy Training Class in Sacramento will help you learn the difference between your breed and others.

Do you know what to anticipate with breed-specific traits? Are you already noticing puppy behavior issues? 

Puppy training class is a great way to start your education and relationship with you and your young dog. This puppy class is structured for dogs from 2-6 months and will focus on a wide range of important topics. 

The puppy training class provides the basics needed for obedience through positive reinforcement, games, and socialization. Our puppy trainers will teach you the steps to communicating with your pup. 

You will learn how to prevent unwanted behavior and establish a bond with your puppy. All Stage Canine Development will work on problem solving and troubleshooting behavior concerns. Topics we work on in class are: sit, down, stay, leave it, recall, off, wait, and loose leash walking.

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Class Overview

We will also teach you how to better understand and communicate with your new puppy. This will help you build a foundation and utilize the most effective methods of training. We are looking forward to helping you and your puppy create a great relationship from the beginning.
Understanding good nutrition, proper preventatives, and general care with a puppy is imperative. A good diet and healthy decisions help improve your puppy’s ability to focus, learn, and retain information better and faster.

For the safety of your puppy and all other participants, all vaccines (including Distemper, Bordetella, and Rabies (when they are of age) are required prior to enrollment in classes.

Listed below are the items needed in your training kit for puppy training class. If your dog has any specific allergies or needs, please ensure your treats are complacent to those needs and advise the trainer.

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes that will allow you to move freely. During the first session, the trainer may recommend additional items or tools to assist with the training process.

Class Training Kit

6’ nylon leash and collar

2 different types of treats

2 toys

10-15’ training lead

Water source