Behavioral Issues And
Obedience Modifications

Dog Obedience Training and Behavior Modification in The Greater Sacramento Area

Not only does obedience training help you bond, but it sets structure, and is the beginning step for you to establish your role in the house in a non-aggressive manner.

Obedience and Behavior issues are the main reason dogs are surrendered to shelters.

All Stage Canine Development’s dog training works to eliminate many behavioral issues such as; digging, barking, chewing, separation anxiety, and aggression. 

Every situation is different so there will be a specialized program developed to eliminate your behavioral issues based on your dog’s temperament, your surroundings, and your desired end goal. Obedience training will be a part of any pet showing behavioral issues.

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Class Overview

Dog Obedience training has a different meaning for each family and home. All Stage Canine Development will have a consult with you to determine what that vision means to you. Based on what your specific goals are, there will be a very detailed and structured weekly plan mapped out for you. Each weekly or bi-weekly session will track your progress and make adjustments as needed. Dog Obedience Programs with All Stage Canine Development consist of puppy work, basic obedience, advanced dog training, as well as therapy and service dog work.

All Stage Canine Development’s training philosophy is built upon positive reinforcement. Every dog has its own learning strengths. We find those core strengths and base our plan around them. This helps maximize your dog’s learning capacity and at a faster pace.
All Stage Canine Development does not offer a board and train program. Each of the training programs is a detailed system developed for you and your dog together.