Basic Training Class For Dogs
in The Greater Sacramento Area


Dogs must be older than 4 months, and it is not mandatory to have taken the puppy class prior to this class.

Obedience and Behavior issues can be solved with Basic Training.

Once a pet is taken to a shelter, its chances of finding a new home are limited. That is why obedience training and eliminating behavior issues are so important to learn in basic training. Our goal is to provide you and your pet with the skills to prevent this tragic situation from happening. 

Whether you have recently adopted a dog or would like to train the pet you already have, this is a great class to enroll in. All Stage Canine Development will include in our training positive reinforcement steps. A positive reinforcer is anything or any action that the dog enjoys that, by itself, or in combination with others, will increase the likelihood that the dog will perform the desired behavior again. 

Sometimes referred to as motivators, they can include food, play with a favorite toy, verbal praise, or physical stroking. It is important that the motivator be positive to the dog. If, for example, you were training a dog that doesn’t like to be stroked (yes, there are some) then petting the dog when he has performed the desired behavior would actually work against your training.

Class Overview

This class will help you create a base foundation and will be the most crucial step to take towards your end training goal. The class is one hour long, and we will meet once a week for 6 weeks.

Our emphasis will be on positive reinforcement and introducing the skills necessary for your dog to become a wonderful and obedient companion. Our goal is to eliminate inappropriate behavior and replacing them with appropriate behaviors.

For the safety of your puppy and all other participants, all vaccines (including Distemper, Bordetella, and Rabies (when they are of age) are required prior to enrollment in classes.

Listed below are the items needed in your training kit for the class. If your dog has any specific allergies or needs, please ensure your treats are complacent to those needs and advise the trainer.

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes that will allow you to move freely. During the first session, the trainer may recommend additional items or tools to assist with the training process.

Class Training Kit

6’ nylon leash and collar

2 different types of treats

2 toys

10-15’ training lead

Water source