Fit and Fun Trail Walk
in The Greater Sacramento Area

Enjoy a nice walk along the river at Bannister Park Trail with your dog.

We will be combining the desire to get fit and work both you and your dog mentally with some combined basic obedience. There will be a beginner two-mile walk, or an intermediate four-mile walk available to choose from.

Our fit and fun walk is also available for private party requests. This can be scheduled at your convenience and will be a closed session for only your invites. There will be a minimum of four walkers to hold a fit and fun walk privately.

This session is a great opportunity to be outside in the beautiful surroundings and challenge you and your dog to some fun exercise and focus drills.

Trail Walk Class Overview

It is important to come prepared for this walk as it can be tiring if this is new to you. Please have water available for you and your pup and it might be a good idea to have treats if needed to get focus from your dog. A small snack is also often desired by the people in the class either before or after the walk. 

Don’t forget to wear the right clothes! We will be walking at a fast pace so comfortable shoes and clothes are a must. Much of the trail is shaded, however, some areas are in the direct sunlight so if you are sensitive to the sun, bring sunglasses and sunscreen.

For safety, we will walk in a single file line which will mean you will have a dog directly in front of you and behind you. You will want to make sure you and your pup have a general understanding of walking on a loose leash and leash handling skills. This will make the class much more enjoyable for you and your “neighbors” in the class.

Trail Walks

Trail Walks through Bannister Park on the American River Bike Trail near Sunrise Blvd. and Fair Oaks Blvd. Come join us and enjoy a good walk and fresh air.