Take the CGC Test
in The Greater Sacramento Area

We believe that all dogs and a responsible owner deserve training and our goal is to reward responsible dog ownership.

Take the CGC Test in Sacramento

Taking the 10-skill CGC test is the final payoff for all your hard work! Once you feel like you and your dog have mastered all ten skills (or completed the appropriate class/training series), you’re ready to take the CGC Test with an AKC Approved CGC Evaluator.

You can take the CGC Test at many local AKC Training Clubs.

All Stage Canine Development is Canine Good Citizen certified in Sacramento, CA

Class Training Kit

6’ nylon leash and collar

2 types of treats, one low value one high value treat

Transportable mat for the puppy to settle

2 types of entertainment tools such as a puppy safe chew or stuffed Kong

Water source