Restaurant Etiquette
in The Greater Sacramento Area


Teaching Your Pup Manners In Sacramento

To be able to enjoy a meal at a restaurant with your furry best friend, follow these simple, common sense etiquette tips:
  • Choose your seating wisely. Outdoor seating is best.
  • Leash your dog & tie to the table or other immovable object
  • Bring a portable water bowl
  • Bring a toy or long-lasting treat for them to enjoy quietly
  • No barking
  • Keep your fuzzy cohort off of the furniture (and other diners!)
  • Don’t allow begging
  • Of course, clean up after your dog if they poo, pee or puke
If you see anything on this list that you just know your pooch won’t be able to do, you’ve come to the right place! All Stage Canine Development can train your dog proper socialization skills for public access. Give us a call and your dog will be a happy ambassador to the public in no time. (916) 838-3838

Restaurants in California now have the option to allow pet dogs in outdoor dining or patio areas.

The new policy provides the restaurant operator or owner with guidelines to follow if they decide they would like to allow pet dogs in the outdoor dining or patio area of the restaurant. 

Only pet dogs may be permitted. Other animals are not covered by the new policy. The exclusion or permission of pet dogs from outdoor dining or patio areas is at the discretion of the business operator or owner, however, they must follow the guidelines below.

Pet dogs may be allowed in the outdoor dining or patio area of a food facility

If the following requirements are met: