Restaurant Etiquette
in The Greater Sacramento Area


Teaching Your Pup Manners In Sacramento

Have you wanted to take your dog to a dog friendly restaurant or brewery, but your dog doesn’t know how to act? Do you have the fear of your dog embarrassing you while in public? The Restaurant Etiquette course can help prepare you and your dog for these public outings. This class helps you understand potential challenges that you may face while in a public location. In order to complete this course, your dog must have a good understanding of basic obedience including sit, down, stay, recall, and leave it.
This is a three-week course that will have class locations in different places. The first two classes will be held at the training center where we train with a mockup of a public setting at a restaurant. We expose you and your dogs to potential challenges, while building your experience and knowledge on appropriate behavior in public spaces. The last class will be held at a public restaurant or brewery as a final assessment. This will include a meal during the class to simulate a real-life situation.
For the safety of your dog and all other participants, all vaccines (including Distemper, Bordetella, and Rabies are required prior to enrollment in classes as All Stage Canine Development. Listed below are the items needed in your training kit for class. If your dog has any specific allergies or needs, please ensure your tools are complacent to those needs and advise your trainer. Please wear comfortable shoes that will allow you to move freely. During the first session, the trainer may recommend additional items or tools to assist with the training process.

Pet dogs may be allowed in the outdoor dining or patio area of a food facility

If the following requirements are met:

Class Training Kit

6’ nylon leash and collar

2 types of treats, one low value one high value treat

Transportable mat for the puppy to settle

2 types of entertainment tools such as a puppy safe chew or stuffed Kong

Water source