Diabetic Alert Training

Diabetic Alert Training

In order to complete the diabetic alert certification, both the dog and the client must complete all steps of the service dog training program before scent training is started.

Blood sugar levels in a diabetic spike and drop into dangerous levels that can be life threatening. In each of these situations, the body has a specific smell that a dog can sense. Through scent training and specific chain training, we can set a scent “safety window.” We will teach the dog to alert outside of that safe zone. This scent training is done with your specific scent samples so a sample kit will be provided to you by Healing paws. Once we have set your window of highs and lows, we will begin our training for your desired alerts paired with the target scents. The actual scent training doesn’t take long because the dogs have a quick memory of scents. The alert training however can take months when you add in cues or behaviors to be linked to those scents.

If you need additional assistance such as get help or get juice, the training program may take longer as we are adding many chains of commands.


All Stage Canine Development will not perform training without the presence of the handler. The training program isn’t just for your dog, it is to teach you how to be the handler which can prove to be just as challenging as the training for your service dog. This program requires hard work and dedication from you as the handler in training in order for it to be successful. All Stage Canine Development will be available consistently by phone in between lessons to address any questions. Please don’t wait ask your questions or voice your concerns that may arise during the training. Sometimes waiting even a week can prolong your training program months.

All Stage Canine Development will not push a dog through the program if there are any potential safety concerns, even if they may have the behaviors needed for the service work. Each step and certification in the program does not guarantee your dog will finish the program. If there are safety issues, All Stage Canine Development will discontinue moving forward with the training.

This training can prove to be very challenging and All Stage Canine Development will work with you to ensure there is 100% confidence from both you and your dog.

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