About Us

Who We Are

All Stage Canine Development is a dog training company that has developed multiple programs to help clients faced with many different situations. Group classes, private lessons, and behavioral modification are all available and crucial to help you set a positive foundation for you and your dog.  Our group classes can assist in any obedience level you may be in with your dog. A new puppy, an adult, or more advanced levels are also available.

We are based on positive reinforcement and teach you how to communicate with your dog. Just like people, each dog learns differently. This has resulted in using multiple training methods, even in a group class.

We first spend time with you and your dog to determine how you each learn best. The methods used to train your dog may differ from the person standing 10 feet from you in a group class. This will help you learn quicker and get more from your group class.

Training Methods

One-on-one private lessons can be for many different reasons including behavioral issues. Behavioral issues are the number one reason a dog is surrendered and often times euthanized. Sadly, the majority of these behavioral issues can be resolved with training. Our goal is to eliminate this educational gap and help prevent these pups from a potential tragic end. We can work with many issues such as digging, barking, separation anxiety, fear, aggression, and many other behavioral issues.

All Stage Canine Development also provides an in-depth, intense training program for people and their canine companions. This program will assist in certification of therapy dogs and the training for many medical service dogs.  The detailed design of each step in the program is to teach you to be the handler and trainer for your specific working dog. Our philosophy at All Stage Canine Development is simple and positive. Both therapy and service dogs have much different roles, however they are both life changing companions. Positive reinforcement is a must during any training period, but especially when dealing with service dogs.

Training Program

In order to optimize the training programs, our plans differ with each dog enrolled. Using only one method for training would put limits on the dogs since they all learn differently. We cater our program around the dog’s temperament, strengths, and motivational drive. This will allow the companion in training to learn more at a faster pace. In addition to customized programs built around each dog, we also build the program around the handler/trainer and their home. Each person has different desired outcomes, learning styles, and challenges.

Though simple, our program will indeed be tailored to each household.

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