Fun Interactive Tug Dog Toys Nontoxic Durable Suction Cup

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Reduce Stress, Teeth Cleaning, Biting Stick Dog Tug Toy

Fun Tug Dog Toys Interactive Nontoxic Durable Suction Cup Puppy Teeth Cleaning Biting Stick Pet Training Reduce Stress
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  • The exterior is made of high-hardness nylon material, which is bite-resistant, fall-resistant, or break-resistant. The inside is made of high-toughness and soft TPR material, which ha a good effect on cleaning teeth.
  • Designed for the characteristics of pet dog teeth, the molars have different bump sizes, and the molars are better.
  • The newly designed tooth cleaning channel can deeply clean the teeth of pets
  • Toothpaste or food can be squeezed into the inner channel; you can also squeeze toothpaste or attractant outside the tooth cleaning channel
  • Material is very easy to clean. We suggest to clean it before and after use. Save doggy from oral diseases and enjoy doggy sweet kisses from today!


The size may have a slight difference due to manual measurement.


Molar Teeth / Clean Teeth / Keep Dental Health / Remove Calculus / Improve lQ / Relive Anxiety



Playing with this toy regularly will relive dogs’anxiety and improve lQ when they are at home by themselves, preventing destroy from furniture and is come true that dogs brush teeth by themselves.



Can be adsorbed on any flat surface for dogs to use, so that dogs can consume plenty of physical strength, exercise, and keep dog’s health.



Pull rope that resists bite from tiger / Serrated molar stick / Buckle / Super powerful Suction cup


The design of 2 suction cups enables this product to become more interactive with dogs, and dogs are more interested in it.


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