Seminars for specific commands or behavioral issues

Often times, a client only has a few things they would like to work on, and a six-week course may not be what they are looking for. This option allows the client to sign up for specifically what they want and nothing more. The seminars will vary on topics from dealing with jumping, barking, how to teach your dog to down or stay, and even separation anxiety.

Should you have a specific seminar you would like to participate in, be sure to make a request. If there is not an option for a seminar on your specific topic, don’t worry, we have other options to help you with your concerns such as 30 minute private session with a trainer to help you with single issues.

The cost of a single seminar is $25.


For our clients who have a membership of monthly units, those units may also be applied to any seminar you choose. For those clients who would like to attend multiple seminars and build their own group training program, we have packages available that allow savings. These package options can also be used for open regulated play as well as open agility to allow flexibility for the client.

Chihuahua Package
5 Seminar Sessions
$15 Savings
Boxer Package
10 Seminar Sessions
$50 Savings
Shih Tzu Package
20 Seminar Sessions
$120 Savings
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