Our Services

Puppy Training Class
The puppy class provides the basics needed for obedience through positive reinforcement, games, and socialization.
Basic Training Class
This class will help you create a base foundation and will be the most crucial step to take towards your end training goal.
Intermediate Training Class
This is an advanced course that teaches you how to train your dog for real world situations.
Private Friends and Family Classes (Minimum of 3 People)
The private class can be held at most requested locations including private properties.
Fit & Fun Trail Walk
Enjoy a nice walk along outside in the beautiful surroundings on a bike trail with your furry companion.
Behavioral Modification
Behavioral issues are the number one reason dogs end up in shelters. All Stage Canine Development works to eliminate these issues.
Therapy Dog Training
A detailed and multistep catered program that will prepare the client and the dog for the desired therapy work chosen.
Service Dog Training
All Stage Canine Development works with you and provides a multi level and intense service dog training program.
Diabetic Alert Training
Through scent training, we can set a scent “safety window.” We will teach the dog to alert outside of that safe zone.

Success Stories

I was referred to Miranda and so glad I found her! Zoey is doing so much better! She actually listens to me now!

Mark and "Zoey"

he training class was effective & informative for my whole family. My dog, Tigger, is happier now that we all know how to communicate better! I highly recommend Miranda to anyone wanting customized training!

Cynthia, Family and "Tigger"

My dog, Rugby, was having barking and jumping issues. Miranda taught me that I had to be trained as well (LOL) . Me and Rugby understand each other better now. If you commit, Miranda’s training will work!

Katlyn and "Rugby"

Personalized Training For Positive Solutions

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