My dog is 8, but still very active. Can he still participate in the regulated play or open agility?

Absolutely! We have multiple levels and teams for play so as long as the trainer feels it is safe for your dog to join, we have many options.

I really want to socialize my dog more however I'm a little nervous about taking him to a dog park. Do you have any options to help?

Absolutely!!! We have our regulated play sessions which is dog park style so the clients stay there while their dogs play. The difference between us and the dog park, is we are completely regulated. All of our dogs are temperament tested to place them in the right team play. In addition, all dogs are completely vaccinated and we also have an experienced team member in the play to ensure things don’t get out of hand with rough play. Safety for you, your dog, and our staff is our priority.

How does your agility class work? Are you competitive?

We only use agility for confidence building and mental stimulation. We do not use agility for competition. We have a 4 week course that will teach you and your dog how to use the equipment and we also have open agility to allow clients to use the equipment for an hour as they wish.

Do you offer a board and train program?

We do not offer a board and train program as we feel there are a lot of factors that will limit a dog’s ability to learn new things as well as retain what they have learned. Change of sleeping habits, food, and being pulled from their normal routine can all be factors that can cause stress on a dog. We do however have a Canine Results Training Program that will still allow the same training program, however the dog stays in the comfort of their own home. The assigned trainer will work with your dog 1-2 times a day, 4-6 days a week, depending on the program planned out between you and the trainer. We have a 3, 4, or 6 week program. We have sessions with your through out the program to ensure you are aware of where we are with the training which will allow you to be consistent with our efforts.

If I sign up for a monthly membership, will we be able to utilize the program for many months or will we eventually out grow our membership?

We have many options for packages, or you also have the ability to purchase the desired training individually as well.

If I do not wish to do a monthly membership, do you have other options?

We have many options for packages, or you also have the ability to purchase the desired training individually as well.

My dog is extremely fearful. Do you also deal with behavioral issues?

We can help minimize and even eliminate most types of behavioral issues from mild to extreme. Each issue is different in nature and from origin which means the plan will vary with each client. A detailed consult will be crucial for the trainer to determine your detailed behavioral modification plan.

How early can I begin training my puppy?

You can start as early as 8 weeks after their first round of vaccines. The earlier you start the better so you can address each stage your puppy goes through appropriately. This will help set a good foundation, early routines, and good habits in the household. You will however want to be cautious as your puppy is still not completely vaccinated so keeping them out of high traffic areas is safe. Often times starting early, the safest option is in-home lessons.

My dog has major separation anxiety to the point of furniture damage and self mutilation. Can this be fixed?

Major behavior issues can almost always be addressed, calmed, and even eliminated if the right steps are taken.  The process can be long and sometimes frustrating as there is often no quick fix to many behavioral issues.  The behavioral specialist will need to address your specific situation and come up with a plan outline based on your situation.

Can you teach and old dog new tricks?

Absolutely! Your dog is never too old to learn new things or even take an obedience class. Often times, older dogs are adopted with no training under their belt and people think they cannot be helped. This is simply not the truth and there is hope for you.

My schedule doesn't allow me to take a group class but I need to work on some with my dog. Can you help with that?

Sure can! We have a private lesson program that can address any level of training in your own home, on your own terms. This is great for those who have a changing schedule or would prefer one on one focus catered to their needs vs the structured class.

I like the idea of group classes for socializing, however I'm not really sure about the idea of a location with strangers. Is there another option?

We offer private group classes which is a closed enrollment program that will only allow enrollment from your invitation. There is a minimum of three dogs enrolled in the class in order to start the training. The class is a five week course and can be held in most any location. This class also allows the class locations to change weekly to help further focus conditioning and public skills.

What is the difference between therapy and service dogs?

Therapy dogs generally have many hands touching them, sometimes at the same time. They are companions that provide a level of comfort. They aid in psychological and sometimes physical therapy.

A service dog is one who is trained to provide assistance to a person with a disability. These dogs are the opposite of therapy dogs as they should not be pet (unless approved by the handler). These dogs should be focused on their handler. Petting can potentially distract them from their assigned job.

Where do service dogs have access?

Service dogs have access in any place needed to allow assistance with a disability. Service dogs require long-term training and should not show fear or aggression in a public place. To know your rights, please visit

Can I have a service or therapy dog with other dogs at home?

There are times when this works well, and times it may become a very large obstacle. If your personal dog has behavioral issues that can negatively impose or imprint on your therapy or service dog, it can put a quick halt on your plans. For example, if your service or therapy dog learns to bark from another dog in the household, this can be seen as a nuisance and you can be asked to leave. Training with your other dog could possibly be mandated to continue the program.

How long does it take to train my therapy dog?

The suggested age to begin therapy work with a dog is 1.5 to 2 years. It is highly suggested to start the training as a puppy if possible to help prepare you and the dog. Consistent training will have you ready by that age and potentially sooner. If you start training with a dog as an adult (1-2 years or older), it could take 6 months to 1 year of consistent training. If you change focus on the type of therapy, additional education for you and your dog will potentially be recommended or mandated.

How long does it take to train a service dog?

The average recommended age to start service dog work is 1.5-2 years of age. If starting the training process with a younger puppy, they will likely be ready by the time frame recommended. However, keep in mind you will have many phases to work through as they become an adult so it’s crucial to work closely with your trainer to overcome each learning phase. The training process with an adult dog will take 1-3 years, however consistent and continued education will be a must for any service dog at any age. Often the roles of a service dog changes as the life and needs of the handler will vary based on their disability.

Should I get insurance for my service dog?

It is absolutely recommended to get medical and life/death insurance for the dog. It is crucial that your dog is not only examined often but is on all preventatives recommended by the veterinarian. It is also a must to ensure your dog is completely vaccinated as well. Insurance not only helps cover the basics, but can also help with other potentially serious and expensive issues. There are many pet insurance companies that have multiple plan options to choose from.

If you have, or will have a service dog, oftentimes a life/death insurance policy is recommended. A service dog can be very expensive. Whether you buy a fully trained dog or train your own, it can never be guaranteed that something tragic may not happen. If there is a loss, it can be devastating and financially taxing on a family from getting another service dog. Having this insurance policy can help relieve the financial sting of losing a service dog and allow the new beginnings if desired to help with the disability.

Is every home with Type 1 Diabetes a good candidate for a service dog?

Unfortunately, no. There are many factors that will play a roll into whether a household is a good fit for a dog. For example, there may be a person who lives in the household who is allergic to dogs. The trainers or the handlers in the household may not have enough time for the dog, or there is not a good handle on numbers yet. Having consistent highs or lows can quickly tire or burn out a dog.

Where do therapy dogs have access?

Therapy dogs have access to the building in which they work. There are also many pet friendly places. Most medical offices or buildings require certification through their own recommended process and testing. Our detailed program prepares them for the testing and also aids in certification.

What is the cost and time effort needed for a service dog?

Purchasing a pre-trained dog can have multiple factors that could affect the price of the dog. Where you get your dog and if you need to pay for travel for you or your dog will be large factors on the price. The age and level of training of the dog will also influence the cost. There are other potential costs that could be added to the equation as well. There will also be additional training needed after you get the dog. Often times the cost of additional training is included in the package price of the dog however most often the service dogs are purchased out of state which makes the training piece challenging. For purchasing a fully trained adult service dog from a company, the cost could be near $30,000. For many people, this is money well spent if they have a good experienced company they are working with.

All Stage Canine Development has a different approach to training a service dog. We train you to be the trainer and/or handler. We have weekly in-person visits as well as a phone trouble shooting call as needed between visits. There are multiple levels of testing throughout the process which test your dog and you to ensure you are both advancing as needed to reach your desired goals.

The training costs are approximately half (or less) of what you would pay for a trained dog, however you are putting in a lot of time and effort.

Each situation will both have costs of proper care and medical preventative needs. This could cost an average of $50-$150 per month. Recommended insurance and policies could cost $500-$1500 per year.

Are nutrition and vet care really important?

Absolutely! A service dog is highly leaned on as a tool and a companion. You need them at their best all the time. If proper nutrition is not a focus, it can make a drastic impact on your dog’s ability to perform the work needed. Good health starts with the right food and treats. High-quality nutrition can eliminate many issues. 70% of a dog’s immune system is in their digestion tract. Make sure you are feeding them high-quality food.

Consistent veterinarian care and prevention is also crucial to keep your dog healthy and prevent potential diseases. The training process takes about 1-3 years. Each year in the program, a required medical sign off will need to be completed by a licensed veterinarian. There are specific veterinarians All Stage Canine Development has partnered with. If you do not have a veterinarian, please partner with us for our preferred veterinarian list.


American Kennel Club

The Association of Professional Dog Trainer

American Veterinary Medical Association

American Veterinary Society of Aminal Behavior


Nicole B.'s Review Nicole B.
5.0 star rating

I am forever we grateful to Miranda and All Stage Canine Development for helping me with my dog Mona. I can't recommend them enough!! After just a few weeks...

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Mandie M.'s Review Mandie M.
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I can't say enough great things about Miranda and her team at All Stage! We fostered Q at the beginning of the pandemic when the shelter shut down. He is so...

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I brought my puppy to get trained by Alex and
O M G absolutely amazing results! So happy with how passionate and professional Alex is. Beyond exceptional....

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Nicole Bravin
Nicole Bravin
21:57 06 Feb 21
I am forever we grateful to Miranda and All Stages Canine Development for helping me with my dog Mona. I can’t... recommend them enough!! After just a few weeks of private sessions, my dog went from barking and lunging at the end of her leash to laying calmly in a room full of excited and rambunctious puppies! Mona is a 5 year old German Shepherd, she’s sweet and gentle at home but before bringing her to training, we could not take her out unless it was to a remote location for fear she would lunge and bark at other people and dogs. Mona is very alert and high anxiety, which I learned from Miranda translates to challenges with impulse control. Miranda built a training plan for Mona that included teaching me how to recognize her level of stimulation and direct her impulses. She also taught us training techniques in different environments with varying and progressive levels of stimulation. We did our homework, took full advantage of the sessions and I’m happy to say that Mona is now a pleasure to take out and absolutely loves training! Miranda also helped us transition our new puppy into the home. Mona had been the only dog in our house for 5 years so it wasn’t easy but now they are great friends. Since the puppy wasn’t fully vaccinated while Mona was doing the training, Miranda let me send/ bring pictures and videos of their interactions and gave us tips that really helped make the process enjoyable and exciting! Some of my favorite recommendations were as simple as using puzzles! We now have multiple tools to keep the dogs occupied throughout the day so we can fully enjoy our time together without excess energy and anxiety. COVID safety- All Stages Canine Development has developed special puppy socialization classes to meet the needs of new puppies and their owners during this time. These classes are so unique and exciting! They have created a space for puppies to play together and socialize while supervised by multiple trainers. This is so important because the current times really don’t allow for proper puppy socialization. It’s really exciting to know All Stages Development came up with this innovative approach to meet that need. We had such a great experience with our dog Mona that we decided to enroll our new puppy in the socialization classes too. We look forward to starting those classes in the coming weeks! The company’s COVID safety protocols are fantastic. I feel safer here than my dentist office to be honest. Every person that works there is wearing a mask at all times (some wear a mask and a face shield). I’ve noticed that some other places require masks and then you see people with chin diapers and exposed noses, I’m happy to say I have never seen that here. They really do take COVID protocols very seriously and that has not lapsed over the months I’ve been bringing my dog here. Furthermore, everyone’s temperature is taken every time- no exceptions. They also have a sanitation station and not only have the space for social distancing, but actually accommodate it! I appreciate the owner and staff making the training center such a safe space! On a final note, Mona and I were in training during their transition to the new facility. I finally got to make my way over there today and it is amazing! There is sooooo much space. It is so clean and inviting. They even have grooming and a store for training tools and treats. It’s awesome to see this small business thriving and I’m happy to be a customer! I highly recommend giving your business to this more than deserving company. The owner is wonderful and the services are absolutely worth it!read more
Kayla Leffingwell
Kayla Leffingwell
17:47 06 Feb 21
All Stages has been amazing in helping to train our wild puppy. He has been in training here since he was 8 weeks old... and they were so great at helping him get through those rough rebellious teenage months and on his way to being an amazing well trained adult. I have used other training facilities in the past, but I would definitely recommend All Stages for basic training or any specific problem more
Emily I
Emily I
21:32 31 Jan 21
I brought my puppy to get trained by Alex and O M G absolutely amazing results! So happy with how passionate and... professional Alex is. Beyond exceptional. So happy with this company and how they communicate and operate. 10/10 recommend!!!read more
Diane Schreiner
Diane Schreiner
03:12 26 Jan 21
We took our Cocker Spaniel puppy to get groomed last week. We were nervous because he had had a reaction at another... grooming facility. We have heard wonderful things about their training program and were thrilled to hear they had added a groomer. Deena was amazing from the first time we spoke with her. She listened to our concerns and our preferences of how we wanted him groomed. She groomed him exactly as we had requested. He looked so good and smelled amazing. Deena was caring and definitely a dog lover. She was very accommodating and got our puppy scheduled right away. The entire staff at this establishment is professional, helpful and friendly! Thank you again to Deena for her amazing more
Cj W.
Cj W.
15:56 21 Jan 21
Showed up on Saturday for my appointment and NOBODY was there. Drove 40min. for literally nothing.
Jackie Bryla
Jackie Bryla
14:06 13 Sep 20
We had the best play/social session. Such a calm, organized and fun session. We appreciated the exceptional knowledge... and tips received. Definitely will be using this training center in the more
A Ross
A Ross
18:19 06 Mar 20
Go to for the new pup! Amazing trainers that are patient and experienced. Very welcoming environment, easy process and... super affordable. Wide variety of classes. 🙂read more
Katy O'Donnell
Katy O'Donnell
04:38 12 Nov 19
Wonderful trainers! We have worked with 3 of the trainers here and have had nothing but a positive experience. They... helped us with basic obedience for my first dog - mostly teaching me how to communicate with my dog. Then when i adopted a second dog they helped me get a handle in how to deal with excessive barking. Basically: i can't say enough about the trainers here. They're wonderful - compassionate and knowledgeable folks. Would highly recommend them to more
Andrew Neskirded
Andrew Neskirded
18:37 16 Sep 19
Got a new black lab puppy a few months ago. Wanting her to be well behaved I have taken her to three different... training/obedience venues. I enjoyed the six week program and recommend All Stage Canine Development and my puppy has done more
Jack MeHoff
Jack MeHoff
08:46 07 Sep 19
This is the place to get your canine friend trained.
Cassie Cruz
Cassie Cruz
03:48 21 Jun 19
Absolutely love all stage canine development they have helped us create the most amazing border collie. She loves all... stage we love all stage all around it helped us create an ultimate family living experience. Our pup started at all stage at 9-10 weeks old and we haven’t stopped training and not because she didn’t get it the first time but because we had no idea how far we could go with training we now have a border collie who turns one year old tomorrow who is absolutely amazing. She is good canine certified and we decided to keep going with our training because all stage has taught us so much and has helped us create an amazing pup. We have recommended them to everyone we know and will continue to do so. Their entire team is phenomenal!!!!!! We have a dog excited about life and has created a bond with everyone at all stage!!!!read more
Ron Carroll
Ron Carroll
22:37 18 Jun 19
Marshall Lomolino
Marshall Lomolino
03:58 26 Apr 19
Very knowledgeable and helpful staff and had a great experience here. Nick has been showing much more confidence and... calmness since working with these guys!read more
cloud nine
cloud nine
01:02 27 Mar 19
Nicky Knuckles
Nicky Knuckles
09:35 29 Dec 18
Super friendly, super easy going, and extraordinarily accommodating. An extremely rare customer experience. One that I... wish would spread more
Alex Miele
Alex Miele
15:32 22 Aug 18
Professional dog training with purpose.
Tara Alcione
Tara Alcione
00:13 08 May 18
All of the trainers are great! I've taken my dog to both group classes and individual training classes and have... experienced great success with my rescue. The trainers have experience with all dog types and put me at ease with my pitbull rescue. Highly recommend. The group classes included basic training and agility type more
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