Shake It Off

May 17, 2019By All Stage Canine DevelopmentDog Body Language

By: MARTHA KNOWLES  A shake off is when the dog shakes as if he is wet and shaking water off his body, but as he is completely dry, the shake off may seem out of context. In this instance it is part of dog body language. You may notice the shake off after an event … Read More

Puppies and the Secondary Fear Phase

March 10, 2017By WebMasterPuppies

by: Laura McAuliffe If you have a puppy anywhere from around 6 months old to 18 months (and more!) and they suddenly spook at anything at all you will often be told by your doggy friends, with a knowing nod, ‘oh, that’ll be the secondary fear phase’.   Your teenage puppy may suddenly show fear, … Read More