Training Your Dog to Ignore Distractions

February 10, 2020By WebMasterDog Body Language

Key Points Most dogs listen well in quiet environments but some struggle with distractions. Getting your dog to ignore distractions and focus on you is crucial for owners. “Watch Me”, “Leave It” and “Let’s Go” are good cues to help dogs ignore distractions. Does your dog only listen at home or training class and ignore you everywhere … Read More

Understanding Dog Food Labels

January 11, 2020By WebMasterFeeding

We all want the best for our dogs, including nutrition. And anyone who has shopped for dog food knows, there are virtually unlimited options: Hundreds of brands with innumerable ingredients; wet, dry, and raw food; age-specific food; restricted diets, along with all sorts of advertising and marketing claims to decipher. The label is the best … Read More

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Stressed

December 3, 2019By WebMasterdoggy stress

By Abbie Mood Dogs employ body language and warning signs to communicate to humans that they are stressed. Growling, barking, and pacing are all signs that something may be stressing your dog out. Dog owners should learn to identify dog triggers and warning signals to help prevent future stress. So often, we hear that a dog … Read More

Canine Birthday Parties

November 3, 2019By WebMasterParties

Does Your Dog Have a Birthday Coming Up? Want to make it a special day filled with fun games, pet-friendly pastries, and a place for all your dog’s pals to play? Introducing All Stage Canine Development’s Birthday Party Packages! Call us at  (916) 838-3838 for more details or to book a private event today!

What Is C.G.C. (canine good citizen)

October 14, 2019By WebMasterTraining

What Is C.G.C. by AKC CGC is a ten-skill training program that’s open to all dogs–purebred and mixed breed–that focuses on teaching the basics of good manners and obedience, instilling the values of responsible ownership, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog at home and out in the community. After mastering the ten … Read More