Regulated Play

Regulated Play Sessions

Many clients love the idea of dog parks however they are not regulated in any way. This can lead to safety risks for their dog, and sometimes even them. During the regulated play time we not only separate small and large breed, but also by puppy and adult. We verify vaccines on all dogs and also have a trainer on duty to drastically decrease the chance of altercations with the dogs.
Each dog is temperament tested to ensure there are no extensive drives or reactive behaviors that could cause issues during play time. The dogs who have extreme energy and may be too much for group play will have other great options to stimulate them in a fun way!

There will be a max of 10 dogs per play session and each session will be 45 minutes. The cost is $25 (1 unit) per session unless you have a membership or a package as the cost of the play sessions drastically decrease. There will be a roster for each session so make sure you are signed up before the session fills. Please see the qualifications below to determine which session group your dog can join. Please note, this is “dog park” style, so the parents are involved in the play sessions.

Team Chihuahua
Small Breed Puppy

35 lbs and under
7 months and younger

Team Terrier
Small Breed Adult

35 lbs and under
8 months and older

Team Golden
Large Breed Puppy

36 lbs and over
7 months and younger

Team Mastiff
Large Breed Adult

36 lbs and over
8 months and older


5 Regulated Play Sessions
$15 Savings
10 Regulated Play Sessions
$50 Savings
Shih Tzu
20 Regulated Play Sessions
$120 Savings
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