Memberships & Packages

Enrolling In A Membership or Package

Any person can become a member with us and utilize each of the amazing training options we offer. To keep our facility, staff, and clients safe, we will have a mandated consult and temperament test. There is no pass or fail on this test, it will just be a key for us to know where we can place you and discuss what programs you would benefit and qualify for. Each of our programs can be purchased individually or grouped together at a discounted rate. A single Unit can be purchased for $25 or there are the membership options that cut down the cost of the Units and can be used in any way for many different class and play options. We developed our membership packages as open use to allow no restrictions for our clients.

Each person is different and want different things, even month to month. This allows the flexibility for the client each month to allow the fullest use of our membership program.

The Units can only be used towards the individual classes, play groups, and private sessions and do not count towards the packages or programs. Please see the Unit key for more information.

Should you enroll in a membership, the first month will be prorated and the full amount will automatically be charged on the first of every month for your convenience. There is no mandated number of months that you are locked into and you can cancel or change the level of membership at any time. Should you cancel in the middle of the month after you have been charged, that month will not be returned, however you will no longer be charged the monthly membership fee following.

Should the client enroll in one of our package options, there will be a six-month mandated use period to complete the package. The average allowance is 3 months however we know and understand that there are many obstacles that come up in our everyday lives that may temporarily halt the training progress.

The results training packages are more specific programs that are developed with the client. This is a great option for those who like the board and train programs, however do not like boarding their dog. Some of the training sessions will be held in the facility, however the majority of the sessions are done off site with the trainer.


5 Units per Month
10 Units per Month
15 Units per Month
20 Units per Month


2 Different 6-Week Courses
Any Level of Class.
$45 Savings
2 Private Sessions With A Trainer
2 Sessions of Regulated Play
2 Sessions of Open Agility
$75 Savings
4 Off-Site Private Sessions
$50 Savings
8 Off-Site Private Sessions
$110 Savings
Labrador Results
This is a 3 week specifically developed program which includes basic commands of sit, down, stay, come, leash manners to your preference, as well as an introduction to using hand commands. We will also be working on car manners to ensure everyone’s safety during travel.

This will set a basic foundation of expectations for your dog.

Retriever Results
This will be a more detailed 4-week program that will include the commands listed in the three-week program and will also include commands from a distance, manners in public, a temporary stay and release which would be used almost every day for multiple situations. In addition, the dog will have a more sound understanding of verbal and hand cues which will allow more options for communication with your dog.

This allows some flexibility and is developed specifically to your desired goals.

Shepherd Results
This program is designed for mild to moderate behavior behavioral issues. We will work through and correct the behavior issues all while instilling a solid foundation of obedience determined by your desired end goals.

This is a 6-week program

Regulated Play/Open Agility/Seminar Packages Only

5 Sessions
$15 Savings
10 Sessions
$50 Savings
Shih Tzu
20 Sessions
$120 Savings
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