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Board & Train Program

The concept of a board and train program can be somewhat controversial on whether or not it is the best option for the dog. In fact, most of these programs are designed primarily for the convenience of the owner. Though positive results can come from many facilities, we have determined two main areas of the program that can drastically decrease the outcome of the program.

First, boarding can be extremely stressful for a dog. Placing a dog in a high-stress situation for long periods of time can drastically limit their intake and retention of the training given. Second, the training area is limited to the building the dog is in for the duration of the desired program. If a dog is only worked in one location, there is no conditioning the dog to focus in major distractions like the entire world outside the training facility.

We have developed a new canine results training program that allows our clients to build the program with a trainer, keep their dog in the comfort of their own home, and have their dog trained by a professional.

This allows more time for the client to relationship build instead of working with their dog.

The assigned trainer will work with the dog 5-6 days a week. Although the beginning of the program generally starts with enforcing behavior and obedience in the home, the trainer will pick up your dog and work them in different locations. The location changes to teach the dog to focus during normal life distractions. Each location will be pre-determined by the trainer which will allow the client to know exactly where and when their dog will be away from home.

During the program development, the trainer will also go over potential tools used during the program. Unlike many board and train facilities, we do not use electric collars during these programs. Many other tools however may be used based on what the clients dog responds to the best. The tool(s) that best fit the dog are included in the program and are left with the client to keep and use. We will also discuss potential sensitivities or allergies that the dog may have so we are aligned if using treats during the program. The client is not responsible for supplying the treats as this is also included in the program.

Each week in the clients desired program, we will hold an educational meeting to discuss what will be enforced the following week. This allows the client to have the commands taught at an easy pace to retain and continue the training with ease during our off time. Attempting to teach a person everything in a 1-2 hour, one time training session can surely pose a challenge for the client to retain all of the information given. This also allows time each week for the client to ask questions or discuss their progress.

In addition to the increase in client education, we also find it beneficial to give reports each session so the client is aware of how quickly their dog is learning and advancing. A common concern from board and train clients is the lack of communication during the program to ensure their dog is doing well. This allows the client to make sure the process is smooth and positive for not only them, but their dog.


Listed below are three options of our personalized training packages that give clients the same results of a board and train program, without the stress of training on the client and stress of boarding for the dog.

Labrador Results
This is a 3 week specifically developed program which includes basic commands of sit, down, stay, come, leash manners to your preference, as well as an introduction to using hand commands. We will also be working on car manners to ensure everyone’s safety during travel.

This will set a basic foundation of expectations for your dog.

Retriever Results
This will be a more detailed 4-week program that will include the commands listed in the three-week program and will also include commands from a distance, manners in public, a temporary stay and release which would be used almost every day for multiple situations. In addition, the dog will have a more sound understanding of verbal and hand cues which will allow more options for communication with your dog.

This allows some flexibility and is developed specifically to your desired goals.

Shepherd Results
This program is designed for mild to moderate behavior behavioral issues. We will work through and correct the behavior issues all while instilling a solid foundation of obedience determined by your desired end goals.

This is a 6-week program

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