Agility Training

Agility is a great option to use with your dog as not only an outlet for their energy, but for a new mental challenge. Even though dogs by nature are habitual creatures, small changes stimulate them in a fun and safe way. Also, agility can also help teach your dog a level of confidence that they never knew they had. We utilize agility for behavioral and mental stimulation more than we do as a regulated sport.

For those dogs and owners who have never done agility before, we have a fun and stress free 4-week course that teaches you and your dog how to use each piece of agility equipment. Each class will allow use for 1-2 areas to prevent your dog from being overloaded as it can be stressful for some dogs to build their confidence with each station. We will show you how to slowly introduce your dog to agility and to keep it fun and exciting!

After the four-week course, there is an option to open agility. This allows members to join in an open course to allow use in any manner you wish. This will be open to other members however is not a structured class. There will be a trainer there to assist you and work with those who may need more push. Each open agility will have a different course set up to keep things interesting. Even though some of the agility stations are the same, changing locations and course options help keep you and your dog thinking.


Memberships who have open unit purchases can also use their units towards any agility options. If you are interested in our monthly memberships, please see a staff member and we can explain how the units can go toward any service.

There are also packages to purchase that are limited to regulated play and open agility. The client can use the package for either option and has the flexibility to change as they would like. These packages allow the client to save money and has six months to use the package.


5 Agility Sessions
$15 Savings
10 Agility Sessions
$50 Savings
Shih Tzu
20 Agility Sessions
$120 Savings
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